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KADERES Peasants Development Ltd is a local company that was established by local residents in Karagwe District in January, 2007. A year later, in Jan. 2008, it gained its legal status when it was dully registered with the Registrar of Companies under The Companies act, 2002. It’s dedicated to facilitate the Peasants and Farmers of Karagwe from four administrative divisions of Kituntu/Mabira, Kaisho/Murongo and Bugene/Nyaishozi and Nyabiyonza.

We are located in the Karagwe District - Tanzania. Karagwe is one of the 8 districts of Kagera region, Karagwe, Misenyi, Bukoba rural, Bukoba urban, Muleba, Biharamulo, Chato and Ngara.. It is located in the North Western Corner of Tanzania and borders with the Republic of Uganda in the North, the Republic of Rwanda in the West, the districts of Ngara and Biharamulo in the South and the districts of Bukoba and Muleba in the East.

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NEWS! Beans Delivery!
Since we started our partnership in early last year we have already supplied 410 MT of beans. As of now we are working on the bigger contract to supply 810MT between November and December 2010.
The picture attached to this post are indicating the processed beans 170 MT to be delivered in Arusha, as part of the implementation of 810MT contract.

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NEWS! Coffee wakes you up!
Receiving a microcredit is good, but what does this loan bring you if you can’t sell your
coffeebeans at a fair price? In Karagwe – a district on the western side of Tanzania – the
staff of Kaderes, a Tanzanian NGO, tries to educate and unite the local farmers to ensure
that they get a better price for their coffee, bananas and beans.
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